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RE: A tough question...or is it?

Well, that is true, and it is good even if people know that there were 65 
million years between dinosaurs and people, because even that is more knowledge 
of earth history (and the resulting perspective) than 99% of Americans command.

But I do quibble, just a tad, with making direct comparisons between one 
species, H. sapiens, and all dinosaurs, which are a radiation of probably tens 
of thousands of species.
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My reasoning is that it (hopefully) reminds people that we weren't/aren't
the most successful animal on the planet. Depends how you measure success
(i.e. Power to modify/destroy whole landscapes), but I like to think it
puts the anthropocentric worldview down a peg or two.

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>> How would you answer this question:
>> Why study Dinosaurs?
>A certain quote attributed to George Mallory comes to mind.
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