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Re: A Tough Question .. Or Is It ??

Oh dear. We've pressed the buttons of a libertarian.


Well then, that presses some of my buttons. Brace yourselves.

Gesendet: Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013 um 05:17 Uhr
Von: "dale mcinnes" <wdm1949@hotmail.com>

> Money ..profit .. whatever you call it .. IS a very powerful tool that
> enables one quite a bit more freedom and real power to do things .. that
> gov't funding wouldn't sniff at.

What.. is government funding not money?

> The LHC .. a manned trip to Mars .. feeding the poor .. yes .. great
> endeavors. But seriously .. wouldn't it be just a little bit better if
> they were more profitable ??

What? Why?

> You really think the "poor" like hand-outs rather than being helped to
> their feet by encouraging them to be more industrious .. more profitable ??


Do you really, seriously believe that there are enough jobs for everybody???


You live in the land of the working poor, where it's possible to have two or 
even three jobs and _still_ be poor because the minimum wage is so 
ridiculously, cruelly low and even has legal exceptions -- and yet you believe 
there are STILL jobs left?

You see that people are unemployed, and the only reason you can think of why 
they're unemployed is that they must be lazy and need to be "encourag[ed] [...] 
to be more industrious"? Industrious at what, when there's no job!?!

> But it just makes you feel good .. right ?? "Poor" people shouldn't become
> a hobby .. but it always starts out that way .. and handouts are always good
> PR for any group or corporation.

Yeah, indeed. Which is why they're so often against turning a basic living into 
a _right_ instead of a _mercy_. Look around yourself: charities have never, in 
thousands of years, come anywhere close to eliminating poverty -- Sweden has.

> Of course people just love .. adore .. are totally mesmerized by 
> palaeontology.
> That's a given. So .. why are we still being supported by gov't ??

Because museum tickets are nowhere near enough to fund even just the museums, 
let alone universities or research-only institutions?

Because not all paleontology results in big showy dinosaur skeletons?

Because WE THE PEOPLE, because that's who government IS, have an _interest_ in 
funding _basic research_ and seeing what comes out of it?

> Because it's more comfortable being on the gov't dole ??

Not in the US, where scientists live off grants that require as much effort to 
write as a paper or two and have a low success rate.

> Let some non-palaeo politicals decide
> what's good funding for our science ?? Wouldn't it be terrible to put those 
> decisions
> in the hands of those who actually do ??

Run for office, then.

> Why is such a popular .. and I do mean "much beloved" entity still on gov't 
> subsidy ??

Because you tried to do science without math. That never works. You said 
"much", but you failed to quantify it.