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RE: A Tough Question .. Or Is It ??

- Point taken about the strawman. That's my fault since I
really haven't offered a realistic alternative .. yet. But
soon .. I hope. I really have to test the waters out there
in the real world.

True .. I've filled srap books with scores of architectural
renderings .. Moved the costs of exhibits down to 1% of 
current costs [actually built scale models to test this]. 
Then turned my attention to new concept designs and construction
materials to do the same for the institutes themselves 
[eliminating huge maintenance and operational costs .. on paper).

I see clearly the huge potential in this field. Getting there ..
a baby step at a time. Working in utter isolation for nearly 4
decades but finally putting together a team with expertise all
around this concept.

Alberta will be the proving ground here.

I've had a very very hard time trying to convince anyone of these
new concepts but people are now coming around [outside of 

But I get it. It's not their forte. So .. its been hard but I think
"may" .. and that's the operative word here .. all be worth the
struggle. Many failures .. but resounding successes only encourage
me to continue. Hope this isn't a prelude to insanity.

> Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 20:48:18 +0200
> From: david.marjanovic@gmx.at
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: A Tough Question .. Or Is It ??
>> David brought up a good counter to my original question. He mentioned
>> Sweden. O.K. Sweden does have exceptional gov't. High taxes but well
>> managed expenditure of those taxes. I stand in awe of the Swedes. But
>> Sweden .. and lets be honest here .. is the exception to the rule. Good
>> example nevertheless.
> By no means is Sweden exceptional. It's at or near an end of the spectrum, 
> sure, but the USA is the exception. All other halfway rich countries are much 
> more similar to Sweden than to the US.
>> More to the point .. why hasn't our "vocation" not moved on from gov't
>> subsidy ??
> Why should it even?
>> The high costs inherent in science is already pushing gov't to partner
>> with entrepreneurs ..
> Whether the costs are high in relative terms is a question of political will. 
> Look at subsidies for coal or nuclear energy or the expenses for the military 
> in almost any country, then look at those for science, and weep.
>> Museums world-wide are in a deep funding crisis .. especially American.
> In the current economic crisis, governments try to save money... in the wrong 
> places.
>> Again .. interestingly .. China is the exception with some problems as
>> we are all well aware of.
> China has less of a crisis, AFAIK.
>> My point is still there. Do we or do we not desire to take control of
>> our science [eventually] ??
> What would that mean, and how would it work? "It's impossible, but we should 
> do it anyway" isn't going to work.
>> But .. do we really believe that if this science remains on gov't subsidy
>> .. all will be well .. and we'll just all continue on our happy way ..
>> content that nothing can or will happen to us ??
> Strawman, and you haven't proposed an alternative anyway.