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Re: Triassic bonebed in Germany and other non-dino papers

> Hellmund, Meinolf (2013)
> Reappraisal of the bone inventory of Gastornis geiselensis (Fischer,
1978) from the Eocene “Geiseltal Fossillagerstätte“ (Saxony-Anhalt,


> A review of the
> tarsometatarsus bones, represented by two lesser preserved specimens,
> clearly points to a comparatively short, wide and strong bone,
> supporting the more or less clumsy bearing of Gastornis geiselensis
> and a ponderous mode of locomotion,

So far, so good...

> because of its primitive
> tetradactyl feet. Therefore, it seems rather unlikely that Gastornis
> geiselensis was capable of active predation and hunting, but rather
> was a scavenger than a bone crusher. Other authors suppose it was a
> plant eater, but the discussion is still ongoing.

The "primitive tetradactyl feet" just mean it wasn't a specialized cursor. Any 
grasping or kicking functions would select for retention of such feet.

And I wouldn't expect a cursorial animal, carnivorous or not, in a paratropical 
rainforest that spanned from sea to shining sea... I'd expect any predators to 
be ambushers: grapple-and-bite or grapple-and-slash predators, not 
pursuit-and-bite ones.