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RE: Seeking old T. rex skeleton photo

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> Hi there,
> I'm trying to find an old photo that I swear I've seen.
> It's an in-progress shot of the mounting of an old-style, upright T. rex 
> skeleton, possibly at the AMNH.  All I clearly remember
is that
> the skull is in place but the lower jaw is not.
> I've tried the AMNH photo library, but it's not there.
> Ring a bell with anyone?  Thanks,
> -Grant

Grant, I'm cc:ing this to the VRTPALEO list to increase possible hits.

Yes, know exactly the photo to which you refer. It is AMNH 5027. But I can't 
find a copy of it either, so if any can point us to it
that would be great.

I *think* it was redrawn for one of the classic mid-century kid's dinosaur 
books (Big Golden Book or the like).

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