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Re: Seeking old T. rex skeleton photo

The illustration Tom H is talking about is by R Zallinger in the 1960 
Golden Press Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Reptiles (dinosaurs reptiles! What 
were they thinking? Probably thought birds were not dinosaurs either). It's 
the big book I was delighted to get for Xmas, maybe that year. The 
illustration is in the rear section about how to find and research dinosaurs. 
pretty sure it was based on a photo of 5027 being mounted that I have seen 
somewhere, maybe a Colbert book (but not Men & Dinosaurs), probably someone at 
AMNH knows. Z was in the habit of using previously published photos of 
paleowork to base such illustrations on, and that is true of almost all of the 
modern day scenes in the Golden Press book.