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Re: More on azhdarchid height and quad arm posture

On Jun 27, 2013, at 2:06 PM, Jura <pristichampsus@yahoo.com> wrote:
> In regards to trackways, I would recommend folks read the following if they 
> haven't already:
> Carpenter, K. 2009. Role of Lateral Body Bending in Crocodylian Track Making. 
> Ichnos. Vol. 16:202-207
> When it comes to inferring stance, trackways lie. 
> Jason

True, they certainly can be misleading (and thanks for the citation!).  
However, pterosaurs had short, relatively stiff torsos, which helps to limit 
the range of lies the tracks can tell.  And then there is the Fujiwara and 
Hutchison (2012) paper I linked, which does not rely on trackways.  Indeed, 
your concern is one reason they searched for an alternative.