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"Dinosaur Pompeii" found at Chita in eastern Russia (news story)

From: Ben Creisler

I'm trying to find more information on these stories, but here are a
couple of recent items that indicate some major finds have been made
in Russia.

Here's a link to recent article in Russian with an interview with Yuri
Bolotsky, a Russian paleontologist who's been working in the Amur


However, there is no planned Amur dig this summer. Instead, here's a
quick translation of part of the interview, using Google Translate:

- We will leave for the summer to interesting excavations in Chita.
This city - Pompeii dinosaurs in the truest sense. We all remember the
story about the ancient Roman city, whose residents have been
bombarded with live layer of volcanic ash. Because of this, not only
survived the voids in the form of figures of people, but also keratin
things - nails, hair. Something similar is found on excavations in
Chita - voids that will help you understand exactly how dinosaurs
looked, also we will be able to recreate the kind of ancient
dinosaurs, even see their color. Moreover, we hope that we will be
able to find a completely new animal - but it's still a big secret.


Here's an article about Pascal Godefroit's study of Iguanodons in
French. However, it says he is leaving for Russia, where there is a
deposit with "dinosaures à plumes" [feathered dinosaurs]. I don't know
if it's the same site as above, however.