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Re: Bearded Dragon and Dinosauria

They'd be better off using a budgie (an actual dinosaur) than a bearded dragon. 

Unless you wanted to recreate compsognathid hunting behaviour, using the lizard 
and a hungry 
ground hornbill.

On Fri, Mar 1st, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Benjamin Scherzer <bascherzer@gmail.com> 

> My wife teaches at an elementary school that recently acquired a pet 
> bearded dragon. Her students are currently studying dinosaurs and, with 
> science fair approaching, she had the idea of incorporating the /Pogona 
> /into a dino-based science fair project. But aside from dressing the 
> dragon in an /Ankylosaurus /costume, we have unfortunately been unable 
> to think of any clever ideas. Has anyone out there had previous 
> experience with a similar situation?


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