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O.K. This is a past thread. I draw attention to this because 
I think the original point was missed in a previous research 
project to find out why young adults and kids still insist 
on an upright pose for their dinosaurs rather than the new
postures based on modern interpretations.

It's a small point and I've got an hour to kill ... sooooo ..

Most of us in the 50s .. 60s .. 70s .. grew up with most bipedal 
dinosaurs .. as the title suggests .. as towering giants with
their heads brushing the understory of trees as they strode
"majestically" across their environment. Today .. big bipedal
dinos have lost a lot of that original majesty. I think kids
are trying to compensate.

You view most big theropods in today's palaeoart with their heads 
nearly shovelling the ground as they stride through their environment.
Though I admit that at approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal
they would still be quite impressive looking .. and at that angle .. 
would reinstate a lot of that lost majesty .. science not withstanding.

To palaeoartists : "Straighten up .. walk right .. Nature willing".