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I dunno, that seems pretty subjective and hard to verify (in terms of
how modern kids are thinking of it). I offer a counterexample: I
started out (albeit rather later, in the 80's) with plenty of old
books that had fully upright theropods, but I rapidly absorbed new
information about them being faster, less tail-draggingly-lizardlike
animals, precisely because for them to be faster and more alert seemed
far more impressive and dignified to me. (That, and I valued being
up-to-date on professional ideas.) As I encountered new and better
illustrations, the transition from plodding lizard-kangaroos to sleek,
dynamic, vibrant animals was one I never wanted to go back on.

Then as now, I'd take a swift, potent, 13 m *Tyrannosaurus* over a
lumbering, lumpy, 17 m *Tyrannosaurus* any day.