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> Most of us in the 50s .. 60s .. 70s .. grew up with most bipedal 
> dinosaurs .. as the title suggests .. as towering giants with
> their heads brushing the understory of trees as they strode
> "majestically" across their environment.

Well, they didn't stride. They stood there, legs sprawled, the fat tail 
anchoring them to the ground, mouth usually open as if to roar stupidly, and 
looked like they _couldn't_ move much, definitely not run. That's ridiculous, 
not impressive. And it was a step backwards: Charles Knight's five-fingered 
*Dryptosaurus* is _much_ better than that.

> To palaeoartists : "Straighten up .. walk right .. Nature
> willing".

Yeah, straighten the tail, and then use the huge, straight leg retractors in it 
(the mm. caudifemorales longi) to walk right.

...And have a look at the cover of Mesozoic Vertebrate Life. The forearms and 
hands are oriented correctly. You'll immediately see what that means...