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Yes. It's nothing to do with the modern and correct
reconstruction of these animals but rather the idea today
that they all appear to be "locked down" into one pose.

Again .. take a look at that Hallet reconstruction. He's 
treating that T. rex as a more flexible animal on the move 
than any I've seen and captures the real majesty using a 
modern reconstruction.

I would never suggest going back to the old reconstructions. 
They were dated even as they were created in those anatomical 
straight jackets. I cringed even as a child and was terrified 
that they would never ever be unlocked. No wonder the world 
back then thought that they were an irrelevant study. Those 
were indeed .. the Dark Ages.

Either some people missed the point [again] .. or I'm just not 
articulating my thoughts very well. Probably the latter.