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Re: Makoshika State Park Fossil Sales .. Plain Text this time

NOTE BEFORE READING/RESPONDING- Please read the following and respond
ONLY with your name, degree/position, and institution if you would
like to be added to the list of paleontologists/geologists opposed to
HB392.  Please note that this request is not meant to foster debate
regarding the morality/politics of fossil sales, but rather is a
request for support in putting a stop to this particular piece of

As many of you may have heard, Bill HB392 was passed by the Montana
House of Representatives and is now being considered by the State
Senate.  This bill proposes the sale of fossils in Makoshika State
Park, Glendive MT as a way to fund the park, and will be used as a
precedent to start selling fossils in other state and national parks.
The following is from Michael Holland, our paleo lab manager here at
MSU and a wonderfully talented paleoartist/preparator, who will appear
to testify against the bill and is looking for a list of
paleontologists supporting his appeal.

"On Friday (Mar. 8) I will be appearing before the Senate Natural
Resources Committee to testify against this bill. While I'm there, I
would like to offer them a list of paleontologists who oppose this
idea. The more names on the list, the better, so please add yours!
Pending legislation (HB 392) would allow Makoshika State Park to SELL
fossils collected within their boundaries. The proposal is promoted as
a "pilot program" for other state parks, and must be stopped."

You can read a bit more about the bill here-

Anyone affiliated with paleo/earth science/science education in any
way, please help us stop HB392.  If you are opposed to this
legislation please reply to this email with your name, title/degree,
and institution and I will get you added to Michael's list.

My sincere thanks,

Jade Simon
Montana State University