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Re: Ningyuansaurus wangi

From: Ben Creisler

Thanks to Robert for posting this new taxon. I have been trying to
find the "official" English translation of the abstract but so far
have had no luck.

This new dinosaur was apparently published last year and has a
Wikipedia entry,  a Paleodata base entry, and is discussed in the
latest Theropoda blog by Andrea Cau (which questions its
identification as an "oviraptorosaur").


The abstract text is modified from Google Translate and my own translation:

Ji Qiang, Lü Jun-Chang, Wei Xue-Fang, Wang Xu-Ri (2012)
A new oviraptorosaur from the Yixian Formation of Jianchang, Western Liaoning
Province, China.
Geological Bulletin of China 31 (12): 2102-2107

[unofficial English abstract]

A new genus and new species of the Oviraptorosauria, Ningyuansaurus
wangi, is established based on an articulated skeleton together with a
skull and a  lower jaw. It has the following characteristics: at least
10 maxillary and 14 mandibular teeth; femur longer than iliac; distal
tail vertebral lengthened.  The combination of the number of teeth and
the length of the skull and lower jaw (more than reported in any other
primitive oviraptorosaur) show that it is the most basal member of the
Oviraptorosauria. Seeds found in the body cavity provide direct
evidence for its seed-eating behavior.