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RE: History of Paleontology Book

There are a bunch of these.

Most are rather specific, however. Eric Buffetaut's 1987 Short History of 
Vertebrate Paleontology is good for (as the name implies)
the history of vert paleo as a whole, but is out of date. (Even more 
out-of-date is Colbert's Men and Dinosaurs).

There are a fair number that deal with the earliest days of paleontology. 
Martin Rudwick's The Meaning of Fossils is the classic,
but  he has a number of others (Bursting the Limits of Time; Worlds Before 
Adam; Georges Cuvier, Fossil Bones, and Geologic
Catastrophes; etc.).

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> I was asked to find a good 'History of Paleontology Book' for someone looking 
> to be able to talk to persons about
> etc. Any suggestions?
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