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Archaeopteryx lift devices

From: Ben Creisler

Checking the DML archive, it appears this recent paper has not been
mentioned yet.

José Meseguer, Luis M Chiappe, José L Sanz, Francisco Ortega, Ángel
Sanz-Andrés, Isabel Pérez-Grande & Sebastián Franchini (2013)
Lift devices in the flight of Archaeopteryx.
Revista española de paleontología [Spanish Journal of Paleontology]
ISSN 0213-6937

Archaeopteryx has played a central role in the debates on the origins
of avian (and dinosaurian) flight, even though as a flier it probably
represents a relatively late stage in the beginnings of flight. We
report on aerodynamic tests using a life-sized model of Archaeopteryx
performing in a low turbulence wind tunnel. Our results indicate that
tail deflection significantly decreased take-off velocity and power
consumption, and that the first manual digit could have functioned as
the structural precursor of the alula. Such results demonstrate that
Archaeopteryx had already evolved high-lift devices, which are
functional analogues of those present in today’s birds.