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The Paris Chain Saw Massacre

Sad non-dinosaur news from the National Museum of Natural History, in Paris:


The G***** Translate version being much funnier than what really happened (try it !!), here is the almost correct English version of the story:

"A man broke in the course of the night of friday to saturday, at around 3am, into the Muséum d'Histoire naturelle, located in the fifth arrondissement of Paris. During the burglary, the man robbed an elephant tusk before being stopped by the anti-crime policemen near the Museum.

The burglary happended in the Galerie de Paléontologie [presumably in the gallery of compared anatomy, located in the same building]. A young 19 years old man cut an elephant tusk with a chainswa before taking flight. The robber was arrested by the men of the anti-crime brigade, in Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire Street, in the surroundings of the Muséum.

The robber has been taken in custody and the investigation has been trusted to the policemen of the Paris Criminal Investigation Department [well, their French equivalent]."

After having read this, I don't even know if I should shocked or just very sad to see that they are people trying to steal dead body parts to get money.

The moral of this story is: *beware of people carrying a chainsaw !*

Jocelyn 8-(
"As a Professor of Science, I assure you we did in fact evolve from filthy monkey men." Hubert J. Farnworth.