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[Fwd: Paleo Society Sessions at 2013 GSA Meeting]


For the vert paleo community, and especially to graduate students: if you
can find the resources and time to get to another conference immediately
before SVP this year, the GSA Denver meeting has a number of
paleontological topics of interest.

I know that the departmental affiliation of the SVP has had an extremely
strong shift to the BIOL side in the last decade and half (compared to
more even GEOL/BIOL split before). It would be nice to see a stronger
presence of the vertebrate community at GSA, since we have a lot in
insights to offer.

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Subject: Paleo Society Sessions at 2013 GSA Meeting
From:    "Paleontological Society" <service@paleosoc.org>
Date:    Fri, March 29, 2013 8:34 pm
To:      tholtz@umd.edu

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Hello Paleontologists:

Our Program Coordinator, Tom Olszewski, has compiled a list of the
PS-sponsored proposed sessions for the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting in Denver
(27-30 October). You can find out more information by following this link:

T164. Recent Advances in Geochronology--Celebrating the 100th Anniversary
of the Publication of the "The Age of the Earth" by Arthur Holmes

T225. Climate of the Late Paleozoic--Earth's Last Icehouse and Icehouse

230. Quantitative Reconstructions of the Large-Scale Cenozoic Terrestrial
Climate Change

T233. Celebrating Advances in Conodont Studies--134 Years of North
American Conodonts

T234. Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeographic Synthesis

T235. The Importance of Museum Collections for Paleontologic Research

T236. Biological and Environmental Feedbacks in the Colonization of the
Water Column

T237. Coevolution of the Earth and Life: The Role of the Physical
Environment in Species Evolution

T238. New Insights into Triassic-Jurassic Transition Events and
End-Triassic Mass Extinction

T239. Recent Advances in the Nature of the Mesozoic Marine Revolution

T240. Advances in the Application of Biogeochemical Datasets in
Paleoenvironmental and Paleoecological Studies

T241. Ancient Polar Ecosystems and Climate History in Deep Time

T242. Conservation Paleobiology--The Microfossil Record

T243. Konservat-Lagerstätten: Morphology, Ecology, and Taphonomy of
Exceptionally Preserved Fossils

T244. Paleoclimate and Biotic Change in Africa, Mesozoic to the Present

T245. The Arthropoda: Paleoecology, Diversity, Taphonomy, and Phylogeny

T246. Topics in Paleoecology: Predation/Biotic Interactions,
Fidelity/Conservation Paleobiology, and Community Ecology/Whole Organism

T247. Tracking Life History: New Developments in Ichnological Research

T248. Unlocking Lilliput: New Approaches to Microscopy in Paleontology

T249. Beyond Diversity Curves: Exploring Research Opportunities within the
Paleobiology Database

This is a remarkably long and diverse list showing the robust intellectual
health of our profession. Each session needs a minimum number of
participants before it becomes an official part of the GSA program, so we
encourage you to support your colleagues by volunteering abstracts for


Mark A. Wilson
Secretary of the Paleontological Society

3300 Penrose Place, Boulder, CO 80301-1806
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