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Re: Definitions of running (was RE: RE: Complaining)

Not really. Tetrapods with specialized limbs like elephants and sauropods 
are adapted to move at a distinctive, slow gait that is not normal for their 
groups, must of whose members can achieve a suspended phase run. Elephants 
should not be said to "run" like crocs, rhinos, horses, cats and hippos. Nor 
should elephants be said the be limited to just walking like tortoises. 
Technical terminology should always be specific, not simplistic. So elephants 
are amblers, or semi-runners. 


In a message dated 4/30/13 9:29:34 PM, biologyinmotion@gmail.com writes:

<< The distinctions you propose would be particularly useful from the 
standpoint of creating animations or other visualizations where the specific 
"look" of the gait is critical, regardless of the underlying physics.  Given 
source concerns for the thread, I suspect this is exactly your point.

--Mike H. >>