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Aw: Re: Microraptor also ate fish

> The forelimbs of _Microraptor_ are actually not that long. The
> humerus/femur ratio is around 0.8, and the manus/femur ratio is only a
> bit higher than 1. Lower than _Archaeopteryx_ (h/f = 1.1-1.2; m/f =
> 1.4-1.6) and even _Anchiornis_ (h/f = 1.04; m/f = 1.6). The ratios of
> _Microraptor_ are actually very close to those of the indisputably
> non-volant and non-arboreal basal troodontid _Eosinopteryx_.

*Microraptor* does have extremely long femora, however.

> I'd bet that the seeds preserved inside _Jeholornis_ came from some
> kind of cycadophyte, not a conifer or angiosperm.

I thought a ginkgo? Aren't they way too small for a cycad?