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Re: Vertebrate Paleontology track at Carthage College (Kenosha, WI)

Rescued from truncation:

Hello DMLrs in high school!
> Are considering a professional career in vertebrate paleontology? If
> so, please consider the Paleontology Track that is offered at
> Carthage College (Kenosha, WI). Students in the Paleo Track enroll as
> Biology majors, where they must fulfill the Biology core, along with
> the following courses to fufill the Paleo Track:
> 1) Comparative anatomy of the vertebrates (Sophomore year), an
> upper-level biology course; this is the prerequisite for all
> subsequent courses in the track.
> 2) Dinosaur evolution and extinction (Sophomore or Junior year); this
> is an upper level biology course. This includes the opportunity to
> prepare dinosaur fossils in the lab.
> 3) Field course; a three week gen ed course, where students join me
> to dig up dinosaurs in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana from mid
> July to early August.
> 4) Independent study (Junior year) in Dinosaur Evolution and
> Ontogeny; this is an upper-level biology course. This is *only* for
> students who are headed for graduate school (either Master's or
> Doctoral programs) who have a high record of academic achievement. In
> this course, students get one-on-one training with me on an actual
> research project that they can develop into their senior thesis.
> Beyond that, the independent study is intended to give students an
> early start on their research in graduate school. In this course,
> students are required to present the results of their project at the
> Natural Sciences Division Colloquium, and to present their results as
> a poster or platform presentation at the Annual Meeting of the
> Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in their senior year.
> 5) Senior seminar (Senior year); this is a continuation and
> completion of the independent study.
> Exceptional students in this track are candidates for the
> Paleobiology Achievement Award.
> I must emphasize that this track is for students who are truly
> committed to pursuing vertebrate paleontology as their research
> career; this track is demanding, yet rewarding. The entire purpose is
> to train students for graduate school, so that by their senior year
> they will have the background, experience, and maturity to meet
> potential graduate advisers.
> Interested?! For more information, please contact me
> (tcarr@carthage.edu)!