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Fwd: "Dino Hunt" short film project

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Mickey Rowe      (MickeyPRowe@gmail.com)

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From: DinoHunt Production <dinohuntfilms@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, May 8, 2013 at 9:03 PM
Subject: "Dino Hunt" short film project
To: smcleod@bcf.usc.edu, MickeyPRowe@gmail.com, dinosaur@usc.edu

Hello Dinosaur Mailing List friends!

I am currently working on a dinosaur short film project, "Dino Hunt."
The short film will depict a herd of Styracosaurs as they are hunted
by a pack of Dromaeosaurs. "Dino Hunt" is a visual effects short film,
in which we combine animated realistic-looking dinosaurs with
live-action environment footage.

Our team, which consists of dinosaur enthusiasts and visual effects
lovers, has been hard at work creating a Cretaceous dinosaur story
that is both compelling and exciting. The Pre-Production phase is
nearly complete, and we are gearing up for the live-action filming of
the environments. We've recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to
help us progress forward with filming.


We're looking for other dinosaur and visual effects fans to consider
contributing to our Dino Hunt IndieGoGo campaign, and help us spread
the word! You can follow along with our progress via Twitter and



Thank you so much for your consideration. We love your site and
articles, and were hoping you might be able to promote our prehistoric


Frank-Joseph Frelier, Producer