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Ray H. interview on NPR's Fresh Air ~3 PM

Fresh Air's rebroadcast of part of an interview of RH (from the 2000s?) is 
about to be broadcast here on the Balt NPR station in the 3 PM show (and FH 
is often carried at 3 PM on NPR stations). Of course you can also listen at 
your leisure at the FH website. 

It was in this interview, as I recall, that RH said that the tail dragging 
dinosaurs he loves would come back because the tail in the air thing is 
merely a fad, science being like that you know. 

(I never was a big RH fan for assorted reasons incl I don't think I saw his 
dinos until they were already out of date in the 80s, but because that 
can't be said just after he died I didn't say that.)