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Re: Aurornis, new Jurassic avialan dinosaur from China

Biggest surprise in the paper: *Balaur* is a bird, the sister-group of 

*Rahonavis* and *Shenzhouraptor* come out as sister-groups, together forming 
the sister-group to all of the above. Archie is part of a Hennig comb: closest 
to the above is *Xiaotingia*, then *Archaeopteryx*, then *Anchiornis*, then the 
new *Aurornis*. Then comes Troodontidae (within which *Jinfengopteryx* is the 
sister-group to the rest), so birds are officially deinonychosaurs now; then 
comes Dromaeosauridae, then *Eosinopteryx*, and then the scansoriopterygids.