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Touching the KT boundary layer

Please allow a non-scientist to mention a special moment. On vacation over the last few days, on Wednesday I had the opportunity to check off one of the last things on my "bucket list" and to actually touch the KT boundary layer. (KPg iof you want to be "modern" about it.)

This was near Raton New Mexico. Just a couple of blocks from the north end of town is Moulton Street. Take it west to the end (it's only four blocks long) and then take a left and you're on a winding narrow road. About 7/10 of a mile layer the pavement runs out at Goat Camp or some such, but if it's not raining or snowing, the dirt road that continues works just fine. About half a mile farther, you come to the top of a hill and a sign that says "IRIDIUM LAYER" and even a picnic table and some parking spaces. The layer is up a small slope. (I am old, fat, and the leg I broke last February has not and never will heal, but I made it the 50 feet from the car with only minor huffing and puffing).

It was a magical moment. My deepest respects to you scientists who have made dinosaurs a living thing. I posted a couple of photos on my game publishing company's website, if you want to see the terrain. If I can make it up there, anybody not actually tied to a wheelchair can do it. The guy standing there is my business partner who was along for the trip, which saw a lot of interesting scenery and geology. He had no problem walking right up the slope but admitted that actually crouching down to look at the layer is not practical without laying down. The slope is too unstable.