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RE: Ornithischian with complex feather-like structures found in Siberia (SVP abstract)

> Unfortunately the actual presentation of this discovery in LA was cancelled 
> at the last moment. Could hear the collective groan/cussing in the audience 
> as the announcement was made.
> Cheers
> Brian

The upside is that this allowed everyone to go back to the talk on the awesome, 
awesome new specimen of *Archaeopteryx* and its feathers, which was scheduled 
for _the same time_ for (presumably) reasons that are entirely beyond me.

(It actually began several minutes earlier, so I walked out of it _twice_ to 
see if the ornithischian talk had begun. The sessions were completely out of 
sync, perhaps because few moderators dared cut speakers off when their 15 
minutes were up -- never mind that the speakers were actually supposed to have 
just 12 minutes in order to leave time for a questions session. There were 
almost no questions at the entire meeting.)