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Re: Lythronax argestes, the Gore King of the Southwest

Nice, nice. Juuuuust...

> Etymology.
> *Lythronax*, from lythron (Greek), gore, and anax (Greek), king; and argestes 
> (Greek), the Homeric wind from the southwest, in
reference to the geographic location of the specimen within North America.

...That doesn't give *Lythr_o_nax*. It would give "Lythr_a_nax" if anax were a 
regular word. It actually gives "Lythroanax", because anax behaves as if it 
began with a consonant. (It began with a w in Mycenaean times; later, most 
Greek dialects dropped this sound in all words, but it kept behaving as if it 
were there -- much like the h at the beginning of some French words.)