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Dinosaur eco-niche changes during lifetime and other news

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news stories:

Dinosaur extinction vs. mammal survival tied to changing eco-niches
during dinosaur lifetimes?



Another recent article about illegal trade in dinosaur fossils



Dakosaurus from Germany

Nearly complete Dakosaurus skeleton goes on display in the lobby of
the administration building for a limestone quarry business (Kalkwerk
Rygol)  in Painten, Germany. The 5-meter-long fossil was found at the
company's quarry and prepared by the  Albersdörfer Fossilien a
professional fossil preparation business. [Note that the "feathery"
baby theropod Scirurumimus fossil was also found in the Kalkwerk Rygol
company quarry. ]

Article in German in 4 parts with photos:


The final paragraph mentions the discovery of an 11-cm-long Dakosaurus
tooth, two to three times as long as the teeth in the specimen on


Ichthyosaur fossil  (not identified to genus) on display in Longyan in
Fujian Province, China (in Chinese)



Angola cannibal mosasaur in French with mosasaur slideshow: