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Re: feathers and WWD

Don't forget: Walking with Dinosaurs came out in 1999, and was being
animated in 1998. So at that time the degree of feathering among
coelurosaurs was unknown.

At present, every single dromaeosaurid for which integument is known is
fully feathered, as are the outgroups Troodontidae, Avialae,
Oviraptorosauria, and Therizinosauria. (And we have feathers on other,
more distant outgroups).

So at present the default position is that ALL dromaeosaurids were
feathered. It is precisely the same degree of speculation to infer a
featherless bird as a featherless dromaeosaurid.

On Mon, November 11, 2013 6:24 pm, Hammer wrote:
> The dromaeosaur in the T.Rex ep is unfeathered (yet very well done) -
> at this late date, were feathered and unfeathered species or raptors
> around, or is it known?
> Brian

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