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RE: feathers and WWD and Utahraptor ...

There are no complete skeletons published yet: new evidence of the anatomy is 

No direct evidence of feathers. Or scales. Or anything. Like the vast majority 
of deposits, it is not a unit which records

Phylogenetic position nests it deeply within fully feathered animals, however.

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> Dixon (2006) lists a size of 19.5' - nose to tail, I guess?
> The illustrator has fine "hair feathers" over most of the body but the mane 
> is feathered.  He also states the species is known
from a
> single specimen.
> Prof. Holtz's book has a painting by Mr. Rey with part of the arm, the torso 
> and the top of the tail feathered (it's also being
abused by a
> sauropod ...)  The text lists it at 23'.
> 1) are more specimens now known and 2) is there physical evidence of feathers 
> on this critter?
> I didn't pull out any other books - too lazy.  :-)
> Brian