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Re: Utah dinosaur book published and other news

> In French:
> Complete specimen of Elpistostege (with photo) found in Miguasha
> National Park in Quebec Province, Canada
> http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/actualites/science/201311/06/01-4707933-lelpistostege-un-fossile-unique-au-monde.php[http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/actualites/science/201311/06/01-4707933-lelpistostege-un-fossile-unique-au-monde.php]

The article says that the preparator Jason Willett has put 2200 hours of work 
into the 1.6-m-long specimen, starting in 2010. (I sit in awe.) Mentions that 
the forefin looks like a fin from the outside, but the endoskeleton revealed by 
CT-scanning looks a lot like a limb with digits -- a bit more so than that of 
*Tiktaalik*, as far as I remember the pictures Cloutier showed in his SVP talk. 
I'll post the abstract at some point (if nobody else does it first); *E.* now 
comes out one internode closer to the tetrapods than *T.* does, it is not the 
sister-group of *Panderichthys* or *T.* as was suggested when only 3 skull 
fragments were known.

> Debreuillosaurus specimen to be displayed as part of "Dinosaurs of
Normandie" at local Villers-sur-Mer museum. [The news article
misspells the dinosaur's name.

But then, so do you: it's Du-, not De-.