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Amurosaurus (Hadrosauridae) cranial endocast from Late Cretaceous of Russia

From: Ben Creisler

New in PLoS ONE:

Pascaline Lauters, Martine Vercauteren, Yuri L. Bolotsky & Pascal
Godefroit (2013)
Cranial Endocast of the Lambeosaurine Hadrosaurid Amurosaurus
riabinini from the Amur Region, Russia.
PLoS ONE 8(11): e78899.

Information on the structure of the brain of the lambeosaurine
hadrosaurid dinosaur Amurosaurus riabinini, from the Late
Maastrichtian of Blagoveschensk, Far Eastern Russia, is presented
based on endocranial casts. The endocasts are compared with physical
and digital endocasts of other dinosaurs. The olfactory tract was
large. The cerebral hemispheres are enlarged and round, illustrating
the important development of this part of the brain in hadrosaurids.
The pituitary body is enlarged as well, perhaps prefiguring the large
size attained by hadrosaurids. The EQ of Amurosaurus was similar to
that of the lambeosaurine dinosaur Hypacrosaurus altispinus and was
relatively larger than in most extant non-avian reptiles, including
sauropod and ceratopsian dinosaurs. However, it was apparently
relatively smaller than those of most theropod dinosaurs. The
relatively large size of the cerebrum is consistent with the range and
complexity of social behaviors inferred for lambeosaurine dinosaurs.