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FW: Ajancingenia, new name for preoccupied oviraptorid name "Ingenia"

Discussion of plagiarism from Mickey Mortimer¹s blog posts, at these sites:



On 19/11/2013 8:43 am, "Ben Creisler" <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

>From: Ben Creisler
>New in Zootaxa:
>Jesse Easter (2013)
>A new name for the oviraptorid dinosaur ³Ingenia² yanshini (Barsbold,
>1981; preoccupied by Gerlach, 1957).
>Zootaxa 3737 (2): 184­190
>doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.3737.2.6
>The genus name of the small oviraptorid dinosaur Ingenia yanshini is
>preoccupied by the tripyloidid nematode Ingenia mirabilis, thus making
>the former a junior homonym of the latter. Although ³Ingenia² yanshini
>is sympatric with Conchoraptor gracilis, it is distinguished from
>Conchoraptor by proportions of the manus. It also differs appreciably
>from the ingeniines Heyuannia huangi and Nemegtomaia barsboldi in
>manual and pelvic proportions. ³Ingenia² yanshini is not referable to
>any other taxon, and is renamed Ajancingenia yanshini gen. nov.
>Several specimens originally referred to this species have
>subsequently been transferred to new genera, and the taxonomic
>assignment of material referred to Ajancingenia yanshini gen. nov. is