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Re: Ajancingenia, new name for preoccupied oviraptorid name "Ingenia"

> http://theropoda.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/il-preoccupante-caso-del-preoccupato.html

Of course this one is by Andrea Cau, not Mickey Mortimer.

Also, there's not only plagiarism, there's claim-jumping: Easter didn't believe 
Barsbold was dead, he just gave up very quickly on trying to contact him. This 
is worse than *Megapnosaurus*.

Then comes the incompetence on the parts of author, reviewers and editor: 
*Ingenia* being preoccupied, the name Ingeniinae that is based on it becomes 
invalid, and if there's no available junior synonym, a replacement name must be 
coined. Easter instead blithely continued to use Ingeniinae, and nobody 
noticed. Zootaxa is _specialized_ for the description and naming of new taxa 
under the ICZN, so this is even more baffling than usual.

On top of this, however, comes _another_ piece of incompetence from the 
responsible editor of Zootaxa. Easter originally cited Mickey in his manuscript 
(still plagiarism in terms of publishing other people's material, still 
claim-jumping, but...), and then the editor thought citing a website (other 
than the Paleobiology Database, interestingly enough) was inappropriate in a 
scientific paper and had Easter remove the citation. I _hate_ the willfully 
ignorant morons who believe the Internet is somehow not real. Most of the 
famous ones among them are politicians, but here we have one who edits a 
_scientific_ journal. I'm out of words other than HULK SMASH.

And yes, I'll happily tell the editor all that to his face should the 
opportunity ever arise. I'm not writing this lightly; he _needs_ to be shamed 
in public. I'm just too lazy to look up his name right now while comparing 
*Eryops* occiputs.