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Re: Ajancingenia, new name for preoccupied oviraptorid name "Ingenia"

I should have re-worded that first sentence to "Discussion of plagiarism
from Mickey Mortimer¹s blog post, by Mickey Mortimer and Andrea Cau at
these sites respectively:"

On 20/11/2013 11:33 am, "David Marjanovic" <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

>Of course this one is by Andrea Cau, not Mickey Mortimer.
>Also, there's not only plagiarism, there's claim-jumping: Easter didn't
>believe Barsbold was dead, he just gave up very quickly on trying to
>contact him. This is worse than *Megapnosaurus*.
>Then comes the incompetence on the parts of author, reviewers and editor:
>*Ingenia* being preoccupied, the name Ingeniinae that is based on it
>becomes invalid, and if there's no available junior synonym, a
>replacement name must be coined. Easter instead blithely continued to use
>Ingeniinae, and nobody noticed. Zootaxa is _specialized_ for the
>description and naming of new taxa under the ICZN, so this is even more
>baffling than usual.
>On top of this, however, comes _another_ piece of incompetence from the
>responsible editor of Zootaxa. Easter originally cited Mickey in his
>manuscript (still plagiarism in terms of publishing other people's
>material, still claim-jumping, but...), and then the editor thought
>citing a website (other than the Paleobiology Database, interestingly
>enough) was inappropriate in a scientific paper and had Easter remove the
>citation. I _hate_ the willfully ignorant morons who believe the Internet
>is somehow not real. Most of the famous ones among them are politicians,
>but here we have one who edits a _scientific_ journal. I'm out of words
>other than HULK SMASH.
>And yes, I'll happily tell the editor all that to his face should the
>opportunity ever arise. I'm not writing this lightly; he _needs_ to be
>shamed in public. I'm just too lazy to look up his name right now while
>comparing *Eryops* occiputs.