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Re: 2 questions: "horizon" in anatomy, and the absurd Nyctosaurus

> The Nyctosaurus crest does not preserve any evidence of a sail or fibrous 
> integument. Bone pterosaur crests that had soft tissue extensions tend to 
> preserve a roughened texture associated with the vasculature and anchoring of 
> the soft tissue components. The Nyctosaurus crest, lacking such features, 
> presumably was just a set of prongs. It would not have functioned as a sail 
> or other locomotion related structure. It could have been a sexually selected 
> feature.
> —MBH

:)  One day a Pterosaur was born with a HUGE HEAVY BONE ANTLER in the
middle of its skull, and all the female pterosaurs said, "Yo - I have to
have pterosaurlets with one of those!  How cool.  And a new species was

I'd love to see intermediates for this species.


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