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Re: Source needed - Rock Formations and their interpretations

In “Re: Source needed - Rock Formations and their 
interpretations” at http://dml.cmnh.org/2013Nov/msg00065.html
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Angelo Giakoumatos wrote:  

“I am looking for a book/source that discusses the 
major fossiliferous Mesozoic-aged rock formations 
and includes detailed interpretations on their creation 
and paleo-climate.  I may be asking for too much.”

A good place to start collecting this information is 
Chapter 3, A Bonebeds Database: Classification, 
Biases, and Patterns of Occurrence” by David 
A. Eberth, Matthew Shannon, and Brent G. Noland 
of the book, “Bonebeds: Genesis, Analysis, and 
Paleobiological Significance” (The University of 
Chicago Press) by Raymond R. Rogers, David A. 
Eberth, and Anthony R. Fiorillo. It lists a number 
of Mesozoic bone beds with notes on their stratigraphy, 
depositional setting, depositional environment and 
so forth. It does not have the detail that you
apparently want, but it certainly provides a place 
to start collecting this information in terms of 
vertebrate fossils. 

In addition, most of this book is essential reading 
for any project involving the taphonomy of Mesozoic 
vertebrate fossils.



Paul V. Heinrich
Baton Rouge, Louisiana