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RE: Global Palaeo Floral Reconstructions

Sorry for the double. For an afterthought this should also be sent to the
DML for comments.

> From: wdm1949@hotmail.com
> To: david@brainpets.com; jaseb@amnh.org
> Subject: Global Palaeo Floral Reconstructions
> Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2013 11:16:23 -0600
> Do not include dinosaurs or any other animalia in it.
> Keep it pure. Keep it floral.
> Doing all the world's dinosaurs would be an easier topic.
> And G. Paul worked most of his life just collecting the
> appropriate material while simultaneously upgrading it
> constantly.
> Do you know what you're getting yourselves into here ??
> Perhaps somebody has to do it eventually .. so it might
> as well be you guys.
> The black silhouettes should also have a scale as well
> as growth series included. This is an absolute must if
> proper palaeoenvironmental reconstructions are to be
> visualized. Not everything is full-grown in any one
> environment at any one time.
> Did I fail to mention that you may have to include wet/
> dry environmental reconstructions ??
> With proper funding .. this would be a big bang project ..
> possibly leading to a table top text on Palaeozoic flora
> as well ??
> Computer programs are definitely going to be needed here.
> I believe several have already been developed waiting to
> be exapted for such a project.