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Normanniasaurus, Cretaceous titanosaur from France

From: Ben Creisler

Many thanks to Jocelyn for posting notice of this new dinosaur. Just
for the record to have the abstract in the DML archives, here's my

Jean Le Loeuff, Suravech Suteethorn & Eric Buffetaut (2013)
A new sauropod dinosaur from the Albian of Le Havre (Normandy, France).
Oryctos 10: 23-30.

A sauropod from the Albian of Normandy (northwestern France) is
described as a new genus and species of basal Titanosauria,
Normanniasaurus genceyi. N. genceyi shares several primitive
characters with slightly younger basal Titanosauria such as
Epachthosaurus and Andesaurus. It can be distinguished from other
Albian sauropods of Western Europe. The late Early Cretaceous
radiation of basal Titanosauria in South America, Europe and Africa is