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Spinosaur teeth found in China and other news

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news items of interest:

In Chinese:

According to a number of news stories in Chinese, a team of
paleontologist from China, France and Thailand have found fossil
spinosaur teeth in 120 million -year old lake deposits in the Guangxi
Autonomous Region in southern China. The spinosaur may be related to
spinosaurs already found in Southeast Asia. [NOTE: Google Translate
garbles the translation of "yijia ren" in the headline as "a man"--it
means "a family" in this case.]



I don't know exactly how this news story is related to a brief paper
from 2008, reidentifying "plesiosaur" teeth from the same region of
China as spinosaurid teeth. It may be a similar team of researchers
from France, Thailand and China.

Buffetaut, E., Suteethorn, V., Tong H. & Amiot, A., 2008.
An early Cretaceous spinosaurid dinosaur from southern China.
Geological Magazine, 145 (5), 2008, pp. 745–748.

Viewable at:

Teeth from the Early Cretaceous Napai Formation of Fusui County,
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (South China), initially described as
the sauropterygian Sinopliosaurus fusuiensis, are redescribed as
belonging to a spinosaurid theropod closely allied to Siamosaurus
suteethorni, from the Early Cretaceous of Thailand. This
identification extends to China the geographical range of Asian
spinosaurs, previously reported from Thailand and Japan.


News releases in English from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology
and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) for recent papers on Mesozoic birds:


Jeholornis double tail


The XXIX Jornadas de la Sociedad Española de Paleontología took place
last week in Cordoba, Spain. The official abstracts book is apparently
not yet available, although some blogs have posted abstracts and some
sites mention topics presented.

Iberian plesiosaurs

Ornithopod from Spain and dinosaur tracks at Teruel  (in Spanish)