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Type species of Leptorhynchos

Correction to “Caenagnathidae from the Upper Campanian Aguja Formation of West 
Texas, and a Revision of the Caenagnathinae”
Nicholas R.  Longrich, Ken  Barnes, Scott  Clark and  Larry  Millar
Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 54(2):263-264. 2013 doi: 

"In our recent paper describing a caenagnathid from the upper Campanian Aguja 
Formation of Texas (Longrich et al. 2013), we created a new genus, 
Leptorhynchos, but neglected to specify the type species. Here we specify the 
type species of this taxon"

"Thanks to Jaime Hadden for bringing this issue to our attention, and to Hans 
Sues for discussions."