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Stolen Tarbosaurus skull and other dinosaur news

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news items of interest.

The first two stories discuss dinosaur specimen sales that took place
in the past and so do not violate DML restrictions on discussing
current or future sales.


Did actor Nicolas Cage buy stolen Tarbosaurus skull?



News story with three videos about the story of the smuggled
Tarbosaurus skeleton that was returned to Mongolia. Videos feature
Mark Norell as well as the lawyer and the judge who saved the
specimen. (Mickey Rowe OKd the auction footage and the name of the
auction house since the Tarbosaurus is now history.)



Largest T. rex skull (Museum of the Rockies MOR 008) on display for
exhibition in Singapore (with video featuring Jack Horner)



Dinosaurs and marine reptiles from Alberta oil sands