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Hadrosaur tracks from Nanxiong in China show adults and small juveniles together (news story)

From: Ben Creisler

This news story is only out in Chinese for now that I can find but
should be of interest.

A team of paleontologists including Xing Lida and Martin Lockley have
found more hadrosaur trackways at Yangmeikeng in the Nanxiong Basin
region where tracks were discovered some years back and described in a
paper (see the ref and link below).

The new finds include trackways of small juveniles traveling in the
same direction as adults and suggest possible parental care. Some of
the new tracks are also quite large (60 cm), among the largest
hadrosaur tracks known, indicating animals in the size-range of



The older paper is:

Xing L D, Harris J D, Dong Z M, Lin Y L, Chen W, Guo S B, Ji Q.(2009)
Ornithopod (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) Tracks from the Upper Cretaceous
Zhutian Formation in Nanxiong Basin, China and General Observations on
Large Chinese Ornithopod Footprints. Geological Bulletin of China.

It can be viewed and downloaded from a number of sites.