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Re: Blogging SVP

There's a complete articulated skeleton (including every scale) of 
*Elpistostege* which shows it's one node closer to us than *Tiktaalik*, 
aïstopods are whatcheeriid-grade stem-tetrapods, *Chriacus* and bats are 
sister-groups, Oxyaenidae and Carnivoriformes are sister-groups while the 
hyaenodontids could be a paraphyletic mess and Viverravidae is far away, there 
are still no Cretaceous placentals... oh, and, *Brontosaurus* and 
*Eobrontosaurus* were resurrected today, while *"Diplodocus" hayi* is a new 
genus (*D. carnegii* + *D. hallorum* are closer to *Kaatedocus* + 
*Barosaurus*), and the type specimen of *D. longus* is undiagnostic -- an ICZN 
Case is in preparation. *Tyrannosaurus* is not descended from *Daspletosaurus*, 
it came from Asia.