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Re: Blogging SVP

> *Chriacus* and bats are sister-groups

Context: the "arctocyonid" "condylarths" are smeared out all over the base of 
Pegasoferae. Laurasiatheria was constrained to appear, but Pegasoferae was not. 
And the "phenacodontid" "condylarths" are all stem-perissodactyls as expected 
-- except for *Phenacodus* itself and *Meniscotherium*, which are on the 
artiodactyl side of things, outside of Pegasoferae. And lots of things, 
including hyaenodontids and oxyaenids, come out as stem-pangolins in that 
analysis, as does *Eurotamandua*. Sources of exciting news often contradict 
each other. :-)

And I'm so tired I'm not legally sane anymore. On to the student reprint 
exchange (I can contribute a reprint or possibly even two).