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Dinosaur tail traces.review

from: Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Jeong Yul Kim & Martin G. Lockley (2013)
Review of Dinosaur Tail Traces.
Ichnos 20(3):129-141

Since 1858, when Hitchcock first recorded dinosaur tail traces from
the Jurassic of Massachusetts, USA, a number of dinosaur tail traces
have been reported. Although considered rare, at least 38 records of
dinosaur tail traces have previously been reported in the literature.
These occurrences are herein reviewed in order to understand their
geographic and stratigraphic distribution, types of tail trace makers,
and characteristics of dinosaur tail traces. Several terms for
dinosaur tail traces have been employed and they are divided into tail
impressions (TIs) for resting traces, and tail drag impressions (TDIs)
for locomotion traces. Possible criteria for distinguishing, measuring
and comparing TIs and TDIs are suggested. In addition, herringbone
structures, one of the characteristic features of tail traces
associated with ornithopod and theropod tracks, are discussed.
Estimated speeds of tail trace makers are shown to be rather low.
Finally, the abundance of tail traces associated with bipedal, rather
than quadrupedal, dinosaurs is considered a reflection of behavior.