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Iguanodontid remains from Henan Province, China (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper in Chinese that can be downloaded for free:

Zhang Yi-Yang,  Lü Jun-Chang, Pu Han-Yong, Xu Li, Shang Yu-Hua, Jia
Song-Hai,  Zhang Ji-Ming (2013)
The discovery of iguanodontid dinosaur from the late Early Cretaceous
strata of Ruyang Basin, Henan and its stratigraphic significance.
Geological Bulletin of China 32(9):1344-1348

Nine nearly articulated anteromiddle caudal vertebrae from the late
Early Cretaceous strata of the Ruyang Basin, Henan Province are
described. Due to the incompleteness of the caudal series, it is
difficult to determine the exact genus and species; nevertheless,
their discovery indicates that, besides the herbivorous gigantic
sauropod dinosaurs among the Ruyang Gigantic Sauropod Dinosaur Fauna,
there is also a large-sized ornithopod iguanodontid dinosaur. The
preserved caudal series is similar to that of Belgian Iguanodon
bernissartensis in size and morphology. It is estimated that these 9
caudal vertebrae belong to the 7th to 15th caudal vertebrae, and it is
further inferred that the Ruyang Gigantic Sauropod Dinosaur
Fauna-bearing strata belong to the late Early Cretaceous.