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Chinese paleontologists return to Tanius locality and other news stories

From: Ben Creisler

Chinese paleontologists return to type locality for Tanius sinensis,
first dinosaur discovered in China



Two-year-old  "dino feathers in amber" story revived as new!

Google News has the weird practice of posting stories as new that are
in fact a few years old--this appears to be because they add old links
to their database. The result is that unwary readers may think a story
is new that is not. A number of news sources (PBS, MSN, Discovery,
Chinese sources, etc. ) are currently posting stories about possible
dinosaur feathers found in amber in Canada based on a Science magazine
news item from 2011 that now pops up in Google News. Of course this
story came out in 2011 and was noted on the DML at the time. Just for
the record, a free pdf of the paper is available.

Free pdf:

2011 DML mentions




Portuguese coelurosaur (in English)



African sauropod in British Natural History Museum revealed for television