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Yixianosaurus (Theropoda) a basal paravian, not a basal maniraptoran (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

The English-language link for the new issue of Vertebrata PalAsiatica
is not yet updated. However, the Chinese version is. Here is a new
paper with the pdf link.

XU Xing, Corwin SULLIVAN & WANG Shuo (2013)
The systematic position of the enigmatic theropod dinosaur
Yixianosaurus longimanus.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica 51(3): 169-183

Yixianosaurus longimanus is a small theropod from the Lower Cretaceous
of western Liaoning Province, China. It was originally suggested to be
a derived maniraptoran, but this interpretation was challenged by a
recent study that proposed instead that Y. longimanus was a basal
maniraptoran. Given that the systematic position of this taxon will
affect our understanding of such broad issues as the evolution of the
theropod forelimb and plumage, it is important to carefully evaluate
both systematic hypotheses and determine which is better supported.
Here we review all available morphological features in Y. longimanus
that appear informative with regard to its systematic position. We
demonstrate that this small theropod is a basal paravian and most
likely a basal deinonychosaurian, a result that conforms to the
original interpretation of this specimen. The hypothesis that Y.
longimanus is a basal paravian is consistent with the probable
presence of pennaceous feathers in this taxon, and avoids implying a
complicated evolutionary history for the maniraptoran forelimb.